Those are some strategies for calorie burning cardio

Those are some strategies for calorie burning cardio. I’ll follow up with an article about the other, lesser-mentioned reasons for doing cardio.

What the above fact shows is that for either class of obesity, exercise will add as much to your life as the weight loss will.

Of course it also shows that exercise AND proper weight maintenance will help you live even longer.
Of course for most of us who are really into staying in shape, 150 minutes per week of vigorous walking and/or 50 minutes of high intensity exercise per week is a bit on the low side, and the following chart shows that you can add about another year and a half by upping the exercise even further. If you are interested in calorie burning cardio you need to visit this site

Of course, these numbers are only averages taken across thousands of individuals.  Some will get more benefit, some less.  So it’s not like you’re adding precisely 4.7 years to your life by exercising.

Also, this does not say anything about quality of life.  Someone who spent the last ten years of their life confined to a bed in a nursing home would be considered the same as someone who died after walking off the tennis court.

However, simply based on years on this earth, both exercise AND staying away from obesity matter.  As a comparison, smoking for ten or more years, will have about a couple years more effect than not exercising and being obese combined.

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