What Are The Best 3 Brushless RC Cars On The Market

Remote controlled cars are turning out to be one of the best toys for kids as well as racing enthusiasts. With the development and constant updates of these cars, they are becoming more popular and efficient.

In order to meet the demands that are constantly growing, brushless RC cars are the best.  There are two types of brushless RC cars but choosing the ideal brushless RC car is always the best option.

Most RC cars with brushed motors are low cost but they are not as powerful as many would like. Brushless RC cars are extremely powerful and efficient. Therefore, it only logical to get a brushless RC car. The following are the top 3 brushless RC cars that you may find interesting in the market. You can also learn on rcstate.com.

Traxxas XO-1 Supercar

It would be really ideal just to go straight and buy the best RC brushless car in the market without the normal and hectic searching through every electronic RC car out there. This RC is among the best and among the top.

It is built with a huge brushless motor that probably tops the list. It can reach speeds of up to 60 mph in a mere 3 seconds. In addition, it can amplify its speed as well as the distance covered to over 100mph which are powered with 25.5 ESC.

While coming up with this model, engineers designed it with telemetry sensors that easily detect pressure, humidity as well as temperature. The wheels are shaft-drive and reinforced with steel gear differentials.

The outside features are way too different from your normal RC car because it looks like an auto type, not the monster type. The body is smoothly engineered to give a high speed power and a down force which makes it the fastest brushless RC car.

Its flashy red paint is one to behold while it has sleek features that cannot compared to other cars in the market. It is one car that you would want.

Vaterra 1969 Camaro SS Brushless

It doesn’t have to possess the monster truck look for it to be remote controlled. It can well be a vintage car too or some are just ordinary like automobiles.

This car has taken the look of a real licensed 1969 Camaro SS body with features of a real car. It has a dynamite 3300Kv Brushless Power System which has passed all the cars in its class.

Collectors can also take pride in this car because it goes over its manual and specifications. The height and shape are perfectly built for racing as well as collection. Due to this shape, its really easy to maneuver and control, which plays a huge part to acceleration.

Any car lover can easily fall in love with this car, especially vintage car lovers. This car was built with more intent rather than a remote controlled one. In addition, it is water proof which makes it ideal for all conditions. It also comes with Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz transmitters that come with batteries.

Traxxas E-Revo Brushless

This car can simply be considered as the best brushless car for beginners. It is manufactured with an integrated and scalable duel battery compartments. It is the standard for monster trucks as is making its name. It’s a top superior handling machine that comes with trailblazer dexterity.

With its high articulation engine system, it achieves a smooth progression while being driven. This machine simply lets you experience what it is to be carrying out outdoor activities with fun and excitement all in one package.

With its massive brushless power, it can go as much as 25.2 volts. In addition, it is water resistant and enables one to make a full throttle. According to many people who have bought it, it’s race ready when taken out of the box and has unbelievable speeds.


These three cars are very ideal and diverse. In addition, you will get enjoy the many benefits that come with them, be it racing or just the casual drives. Being brushless gives them very high speeds that can really go well with people who love speeds. You cannot be bored when you have one of these machines.

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